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Mortgage & Real Estate Financing

At Centennial BANK we offer financing options that fit your personal needs. Visit your local Centennial BANK location to talk with one of our friendly community bankers about how you can make owning a piece of Texas a reality.

Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgages

Featuring a fixed interest rate over the life of the loan, we offer terms and rates for conforming loans up to conventional limits.

Jumbo Loans

A mortgage product ideal for the higher-priced homes on the market.

FHA Home Loans

These loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and offer first time home buyers significant advantages when purchasing a home, like low down payments, flexible options for your down payment and easier qualification requirements.

Portfolio Real Estate Loans

Our customers like to know their lender and know who to call if they have any questions about their mortgage. We offer many of our mortgage products held in-house and not sold on the secondary market. Talk to one of our real estate experts today to find out if a portfolio loan is right for you.

USDA Rural Development

This program offers no down payment for first time homebuyers that meet the income limits and qualification requirements.


Refinancing can be used to your financial advantage to lower your monthly payment and reduce your mortgage rate. Our experts can help you find the most effective way to refinance your home based on your financial needs.

Home Equity Loans

Unlock your home’s hidden potential. A home equity loan is ideal for using the equity in your home for debt consolidation or other expenses.

Lot Loans

Whether you’re getting ready to break ground on your new home or building the equity you need to start construction, we offer low down payments and low loan fees for qualifying residential lots.

Medical Professional Mortgage Program

Built for qualifying, licensed medical professionals, this program offers low down payment options and competitive rates. Contact a loan officer to learn more about qualifications.

Open Door Mortgages

Make your dream of home ownership a reality with our Open Door Mortgage program. Made for loans of up to $200,000 this program offers a down payment as low as 5% for qualifying homebuyers.

Plan Your Payment


Mortgage Loan Calculator

Use this calculator as a starting point in your home buying research. It can give you a general idea of what to expect, and lets you compare different scenarios.

Mortgage Toolkit

Download the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Mortgage Toolkit for step-by-step guidance through the home buying process.



Make the dream of home ownership a reality. Why pay rent when you can own your own home for the same or sometimes lower monthly payments? Our Open Door Mortgage Program makes the dream of home ownership possible with competitive interest rates and a down payment as low as 3%.



  • “Open Doors” is available to qualified borrowers on mortgage loans up to $200,000.00.
  • Lower down payments required (much less than the normal amount for most conventional home loans), as low as 3%.
  • Normal cash flow margins.
  • Escrow of home taxes and insurance is mandatory. This simply means that your taxes and insurance payments are added to your monthly house payment.
  • Normal filing fees and closing agent fees will be paid by new home owners at the time of loan closing.
  • Title insurance is required for both the new home owner and the bank. The seller will pay the largest portion of the costs, but the new home owner will pay the cost of the mortgagee’s title insurance policy.
  • An acceptable credit report is required. Many people think that they do not have enough credit history to qualify for a new home loan. Centennial BANK will take into consideration credit history beyond standard reports to include current and past rental and utility payments when making credit decisions.


Once you’ve selected a property, visit your convenient Centennial BANK banking center and pick up a loan application packet. Don’t let the paperwork stop you. Some people are intimidated by the application form. The application form is simply a step-by-step process of collecting the information required to enable the bank to make a credit decision. When you and/or your family receive the keys to your new home, it will have been well worth the effort.


Every member of our Mortgage Team is a local expert ready to help you finance your piece of Texas.


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