Patrick Smith

Stay Driven

A world champion team roper finds his future in the oil fields of West Texas.

Driving up to the property, you’d never believe you were just an hour from the relative metropolis of Fort Worth. A pond almost as blue as the sky peers across a rocky driveway at a series of stained wooden stables, each housing a horse more beautiful than the next. The main house sits perched on top of a hill, overlooking the impressive full size outdoor rodeo arena, and the small fenced-in pasture of roping steer. It’s an idyllic scene, perfectly suited for a two-time world-champion rodeo cowboy.
Patrick Smith chose this piece of land not only for its beauty, but for its proximity to the major rodeo cities of Texas. In fact, since he was seventeen pretty much every decision he’s made has revolved around rodeo.
“I was a very competitive person and wanted to be successful. I loved to rope, I loved to be on a horse. I was excited to get up every day. I’d practice roping steers, donkeys, goats, dummies, my sister, you name it. That’s what I wanted to do was rope. I fell in love with the sport and chased it.”
Patrick chased it, alright. All the way to two world titles and a trophy room full of glass-encased championship belt buckles, spurs — even whiskey bottles. But success was never something he took for granted. It’s something he continues to work for each day, even as he begins to imagine a life beyond rodeo.

These days what really matters to Patrick are relationships. He’s a proud father of three and loving husband to his wife, Christi. His young son, much like himself, is already roping everything he can get his hands on including the dummies that litter the property. Having a family has raised the stakes. As the time on the rodeo circuit got harder, he came to realize it couldn’t last forever. He wanted to pass on more than his love of roping to his kids.
“We started an oilfield service company just as a side business to give me an option for when I wanted to slow down and be at more softball games or gymnastics events. I think accomplishing my goals in the rodeo world has kind of driven me to try to do the same thing in the oil industry. We were gonna do small rental equipment. Then it grew into a hydrovac business, and it just boomed.”
What motivates a person to take one foot out of a career he’s pursued for 20 years and step into a business he knows nothing about? Patrick would tell you it’s because he’s driven to do more: for his family, for his career and for his legacy. Drive is something that Patrick harnesses every day. He credits his ability to “stay driven” as the key to his success in both his careers. It was only natural to name his company, Driven Services.
“We have a little saying, and it’s ‘Stay Driven.’ We put it on everything. At the end of every text, at the end of every email I say, ‘Stay Driven.’ We gotta keep going.”


He’s never been afraid to start from the ground up, and with a little help and guidance from his loan officer at Centennial BANK, he laid the foundation for a successful second career, bringing the countless lessons he learned from rodeo into the offices of Driven Services.

“One thing about rodeo, it’s a very humbling sport. It has taught me a lot about integrity and relationships. And Centennial’s been great to us. I mean, we were like a newborn walking into the oilfield — we didn’t know what we were getting into, we just knew we were gonna work hard and try to be good at it. It’s been going on six years now, and Centennial’s been there from the very beginning.”

Recently, his partnership with Centennial BANK and his banker Terrica has grown to include his new corporate offices, which sit just down the path from his home on the hill. A WiFi tower is going up in the clearing across the way to allow Patrick to run a more live operation — receiving data from the oilfields daily, and allowing him to maintain his hands-on approach. With home only 100 yards away, he doesn’t have to make sacrifices between his two careers.

“I’m able to wake up in the morning, walk one direction to get on my horses and rope, and then go to the office and see what’s happening. You can’t hardly beat that.”

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